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Invasive Weeds in the Garden pt2

Invasive Weeds in the Garden part 2 in our series There are many types of invasive weeds in our area.  We are going to focus on the most common and most annoying.  We will give you tips on avoiding, removing, eradicating them in these articles.  We will also help you to simply identify them, see if you...
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BULB MANIA, Fall Bulbs to Plant for Spring Flowers!

FALL INTO BULB MANIA, with fall bulbs to plant for spring flowers! Beach bums beware – fall is begining, and winter’s not far behind. But rather than sink into a gloomy mood over the end of summer, sink a few bulbs into the ground to set the stage for a beautiful, blooming spring!  Everyone looks forward...
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Deadhead Bulb Flowers

What are Bulb Flowers? Bulb flowers are an underground embryonic plant. The embryonic bulb contains the stem, leaves, and flower bud. Since bulb flowers consist of the entire plant with the bloom already set they don’t flower more than once during the season. Why Deadhead Bulb Flowers? When your bulb flowers have finished blooming it may seem like too much...
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