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Squirrel Control in Your Garden

Squirrel Control in Your Garden With a fondness for fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers, the common gray squirrel has long spelled trouble for home gardeners. From Maine to Montana, these wily creatures yank geraniums from window boxes, pluck cherry tomatoes from their vines, and strip apple trees like professional pickers. Though their foraging forays can happen...
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Deadhead Bulb Flowers

What are Bulb Flowers? Bulb flowers are an underground embryonic plant. The embryonic bulb contains the stem, leaves, and flower bud. Since bulb flowers consist of the entire plant with the bloom already set they don’t flower more than once during the season. Why Deadhead Bulb Flowers? When your bulb flowers have finished blooming it may seem like too much...
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Spring Planted Bulbs For Summer Color

Spring Planted Bulbs for Summer Color Spring-planted bulbs produce some of the most dramatic garden color with minimal effort. Tuck them among your perennials for a traffic-stopping summer display, or create a special bulb garden to wow your neighbors. Many of these bulbs are ideal in containers; use them to liven up your porch, patio or deck....
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