Best Deals Landscaping Timing is Key

Best Deals Landscaping Timing is Key!

That’s right, as with most things timing and supply and demand play a factor.  Just as Christmas decorations are a steal on Jan. 1st, the price of construction materials can fluctuate depending on the time of year and the demand for that particular material.   This can be true for wood, stone, mulch, soil etc.  Most people want their patio done before the summer so we do many of these in early spring.  It’s the same for all our competition.   When every contractor within a 20 mile radius is putting in orders for the same materials, there’s a greater chance that orders will get delayed or mixed up, causing everyone involved a little more aggravation!  Perishable seasonal items are not going to work that way such as plants.  But even then timing is factor.  In that case, you want to get on the schedule as early as possible.

Why to consider some work during the off season?

Since you’ll be providing work for your contractor when little is available, you are likely to get excellent service.  Knowing when to hire is not just about material cost but about contractor availability, too. Just as your sandwich is more likely to come without the extra pickles you ordered during a restaurant’s busiest hours, your contractor is more likely to make mistakes when he or she is juggling several other, similar jobs. On top of that, contractors have busy seasons where they are turning away work and times of the year when they can’t find enough.  Since most people want to build a patio in early spring, you may benefit to hire us in June or July for work in July or August or even plan for fall or winter hardscaping.  We are slower then, materials are plentiful, our turn around time is faster and the price can reflect this.

Giving your Contractor a Budget is not BAD!

Most homeowners come to the table only with ideas for their yards.  Unfortunately, most customers don’t come to you with a budget or have any idea what things cost. A common misconception is that if you give a contractor a budget, they will inflate things to spend every penny you give them.  Actually giving your contractor a budget can help them to come up with ideas WITHIN your budget.  It can help the project get started earlier and avoid going back and forth in a guessing game. We work within a range. It’s about giving the customer options and explaining the pros and cons.  We may have suggestions that you never thought of to save you money or we may suggest breaking the project up into stages.  Take out the mind reading and the process just works better for everyone!


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