Landscape Planting Plan

Landscape Planting PlanPerennialGarden

Our Landscape Sales Designers are concerned with the ‘health’ of your landscape, just as doctors are concerned with the health of your body.

When it comes to creating a garden landscape plan, the most difficult thing is often the starting point. Our garden landscape plans and ideas make it easy to beautify your entire yard. Start by seeing the dramatic transformation of spaces in our before-and-after photos. Then, think about your own yard: Do you do a lot of entertaining? We have a landscape garden plan for you, with tips to transition easily from small gatherings or to accommodate large families. Front yards are often underused — and under planted; our welcoming front yard garden plans will have you pulling up a chair to take a new perspective on your landscape. A garden landscaping plan doesn’t have to break your budget; we have ideas to economically enhance your garden or we can work in stages. Families spend so much of their time in the yard — but spaces have to be friendly for both parents and kids. Our landscape plans do both, with areas that allow for activity and escape. A small yard deserves the same attention as a large yard; we have plans for large and small gardens that will give you color and interest.

Landscape Consultation & Landscape Planting.

A well-planned landscape and installation not only produces a beautiful outdoor environment, it can also increase the value of your property. We constantly challenge ourselves to offer something wonderful and new in each plan. Our work process involves constant communication between the landscape sales designer, production crew and the home owner.  This collaborative process ensures that everyone has an understanding of what is going on at all times.

Through the most advanced planning, utmost quality, excellent communication and most efficient service in the area Keystone Gardens provides the ultimate value in professional landscaping.
The Importance of Bed Preparation & Proper Planting.  mulchedbed2

Bed preparation is the key to long-term success. A common mistake is to remove faded plants, halfheartedly turn the soil and then plant the new plants.

It takes a lot out of the soil in our flower beds to produce vigorous plants and abundant flowers, and we must give back to the soil if we expect each new planting of bedding plants to do their best.  We have the trucks and man power to bring in the correct amount of enriched topsoil and the correct amount of hardwood mulch.  Keystone Gardens has the knowledge to know what plantings will work on your property with sun, shade, partial, moisture levels and climate considerations.  We have the man power to remove weeds, properly turn soil, dig to plant at the correct depth, and arrange the plantings in an aesthetically pleasing way.  We remove all the debris and leave you a beautiful landscape to brag about!

Once the bed is planted and mulched we thoroughly water the plants.  NOTE: Newly planted bedding plants do not have well-established root systems, and should be watered thoroughly every few days, or as needed, if the weather is dry the first few weeks after planting.  We leave you with watering instructions written out clearly.

Beds of beautiful flowers are not low-maintenance. As you decide where to plant beds — and how large and how many — keep in mind that they will need regular care.  Please consider our Garden Support Programs for maintenance, so you can enjoy your garden and not view it as a chore!
Seasonal Color     Begonia_DragonWing_small

As part of our seasonal programs, we will create something unique for your garden.  Whether it be spring  and fall, or quarterly we will collaborate with each homeowner to ensure that our plans meet their expectations. Seasonal color plans are designed to match the client’s overall color palette and sunlight or shade requirements.

Tree and Shrub Planting Basics

Planting trees and shrubs provides plenty of exercise — digging and lifting will work muscles you didn’t even know you had.  If you don’t want to hear your muscles scream or own stock in Ben Gay, consider having Keystone Gardens plan your small trees and shrubs.

Lasting impressions? Many species will be around long after your time on this earth. Finally, knowing that you’ve done something for the sake of your health, the environment, and your legacy — well, that just gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling not available without a prescription.  As for benefiting the environment, trees and shrubs shelter wildlife and filter the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.  B&B Plant_small

Bear in mind that trees and shrubs are sold in three different ways. Larger specimens often come balled and burlapped; smaller specimens are often sold bareroot; and container-grown specimens may be large, small, or somewhere in between. While a huge balled tree may take a backhoe or skid to plant, a diminutive bareroot specimen can be planted with a hand tools.   We know what equipment we will need, we own the equipment, we are trained to use it safely.  We know the depth the plants require.  We know how much soil or mulch it needs.  We know how much water it needs.  Properly planting a small tree or shrub is not as simple as popping it in a hole.  This is an investment in a living thing, as well as in your property enjoyment and value….have Keystone Gardens do it correctly for you!

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