Large Landscaping Plans- Keystone Gardens

Large Landscaping Plans – Keystone Gardens

Our  clients have big dreams, including a Koi pond; outdoor kitchen, complete with refrigerator, grill and stove top; and water features surrounded by lush seasonal tropical gardens.  We have done that.  We have done outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.  We have built extensive drainage systems that have turned swampy back yards into welcoming entertainment areas.  We have built natural stone pool decks.  You name it, we have probably done it!

Sometimes people buy a property and they are in love with the house, but not the landscaping!  We can come out on a complimentary consultation with one of our Landscape Designers and completely remodel your outside!  Tell us your big dreams and we can either come in and do it all or we can work with your budget and do it in stages.  It’s all about communication of your budget and your vision.  We can do the rest!  Then you can claim the bragging rights!

We can also install low voltage landscape lighting to bring out the best in your property!  Good lighting, as any supermodel will tell you, is everything!  It can accentuate the positive, add value to your property, add beauty, increase functionality, make it safer for you and your loved ones.  Check this out!

We can landscape and hardscape in keeping with the age and style of your property.  If you have a 200 year old house on the Main Line, we can create a timeless look.  Your property has an old wall or old stone steps that are broken or no longer safe?  We can build new one’s that look as they did, back when they were originally constructed.

We turn Dreams into Reality!