Clean up that Garden!

Clean up that Garden! The most dreaded tasks of all is weeding, but it is one that really needs to be accomplished before the weeds have a chance to flower and go to seed.   Don’t break your back…let us do it for you! Remember once the weeds go to seed you can be fighting that weed seed...
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Taste of Spring!

I walked outside today and saw my grass turning green.  ( I have the kind of grass that is yellow in winter then green and lush the rest of the year).  I know spring is trying to assert itself!  I think you should encourage it!  It's time to PLAN PLAN and get a turf...
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Mid February Pruning, Planting and Advice

Mid to late February is the time to fertilize shrubs and evergreens.   Fertilize and feed evergreens, conifers, broad leaf evergreens, rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, and other deciduous trees and shrubs.  If we use dry type fertilizers, be sure to water it in thoroughly.  NEW- We are starting a watering service this year! Have your summer flowering shrubs...
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