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Full Services list Of Keystone Gardens & deeper description of services offered. Planting, Drainage, Design, Hardscaping, Landscaping, Lighting, Turf & Holiday Decorating.

Please read over our extensive project types.  If you are interested in several services or a large transformation project we can help you decide.  You will most likely want a complimentary consultation with a landscape designer.  They can go over options, explain our many services in depth, talk about our process and suggest a plan of action.

You could chose to bundle some of these services as well.  Our Turf program yields the best results when coordinated with our mowing program.  Our planting may be best served with our garden maintenance plans or watering program.  Discuss your needs with your Landscape Designer and they will put you on the right path to have lovely outdoor living space, welcoming walks, gracious gardens and inviting lighting.

If you have a green thumb, but no time, we can install your vision.  If all the time in the world is at your disposal but you don’t have the gift, we can make it look like you do!

You will be informed every step of the way.  We are the only company on the Main Line who has a lifetime plant guarantee and a satisfaction guarantee.  Contact Us Today!


  • Plant Health Care
      Plant Health Care  Fundamentally our Plant Health Care program is designed for the long term health of your landscaping by limiting the damage caused by insects, diseases, vermin and improper nutrition.  During each visit, we first inspect the entire landscape for any insect or disease concerns and then treat them accordingly. While the time of year gives us hints Continue Reading...
  • Shade Gardens
    Shade Gardens by Keystone Gardens Shade Gardens using Moss is something that other countries have been embracing for years.  It is now catching on in the USA.  Many people fight against the nature that is all around them and their home.  If you work with Nature, beautiful landscapes can happen! Moss Lawn in a Shady Place We have many clients Continue Reading...
  • Landscape Grading and Drainage
    Landscape Grading and Drainage Many homeowners move into a new house which needs work, including the landscape.  Do you have a drainage problem, your lawn turning into a pond when it rains? How about overgrowth or shady areas where nothing will grow? We design solutions to problem landscape areas where blank places can be transformed into amazing works of art, Continue Reading...
  • Landscape Planting Plan
    Landscape Planting Plan Our Landscape Sales Designers are concerned with the ‘health’ of your landscape, just as doctors are concerned with the health of your body. When it comes to creating a garden landscape plan, the most difficult thing is often the starting point. Our garden landscape plans and ideas make it easy to beautify your entire yard. Start by Continue Reading...
  • Keystone’s Lawn and Turf Program
    Keystone Gardens Lawn and Turf Program. Keystone Gardens Lawn & Turf Solutions Program is an enhanced monitoring program designed to provide an optimal level of turf management for your lawn.  We specialize in the detection and rehabilitation of lawns and landscapes affected by improper care.  Our focus on monitoring allows us to prevent problems before they occur, gives us time Continue Reading...
  • Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design
    One of the easiest ways to add beauty & character to your home is with low-voltage landscape lighting. Low-voltage landscape lighting combines safety and security with style; enhances the beauty of your property, makes your home safer and more secure, increases the number of pleasurable hours you spend outdoors and is an investment that pays off handsomely in the value Continue Reading...
  • Hardscape Garden Walls, Paths, Patios
    Hardscape Garden Walls, Paths, Patios Hardscape using flagstone, brick or concrete patios or stone walls can not only provide aesthetics but also help stop erosion or create boundaries. Adding a stone garden wall can complement your current garden while a stone or brick garden path can create a focal point. Flagstone or brick garden patios offer you tranquility while enjoying Continue Reading...
    LARGE PROPERTY LANDSCAPING DESIGN AND INSTALLATION Dream big dreams when it comes to your yard and gardens. Whether your dream is to simply have more shade or to create your outdoor dream kitchen, almost anything is possible and our landscape designers will make it a reality. Create entertainment spaces that fire up the fun and will have your friends asking you Continue Reading...
  • Landscape Garden Design Services
    Landscape Garden Design Services Our landscape designs create spaces where everyone is included – from the smallest to the tallest. Yards are transformed into amazing works of art and spaces transformed as children grow and lives change; creations that suit your style and personality. Garden Design Services Let us design your gardens. Dreaming of an English Cottage garden? Would you Continue Reading...
  • About Garden Maintenance Service
    About Garden Maintenance Service Many people find gardening a relaxing hobby while beautifying their yards and increasing their curb appeal. Then there are those who love to plant flowers, create gorgeous gardens and manicured lawns — but the maintenance often falls behind as the seasons march forward. The dead-heading of perennials tapers off and the flowers aren’t blooming as much. Continue Reading...
  • Turf and Garden Maintenance Service
    Turf and Garden Maintenance Service Our turf and garden maintenance service keeps your lawn and gardens the way you want it to look – perfect every week and without you lifting a finger! This garden and landscape maintenance service is perfect for families, allowing mom and dad to spend more time doing fun things with the kids while Keystone Gardens maintains the lawn Continue Reading...
  • Summer Garden Maintenance
    SUMMER GARDEN MAINTENANCE Even the gardening pro needs a little help every now and then so we’ve designed a summer garden maintenance support service to help with weeding, watering and pruning during the hot summer months when you don’t want to head outdoors as much.  This is when the garden weeds run wild if it rains enough.  The flowers wilt if Continue Reading...
  • Garden Maintenance Plan in 3 visits
    Garden Maintenance Plan in 3 Visits For those that love to get outdoors and garden all year long, we offer a partial-season garden maintenance plan in 3 visits.  This gives you three visits to help maintain your garden while leaving you time to get outdoors and enjoy gardening on your terms! This Garden Support Package Includes the following: 1 visit in Continue Reading...
  • Complete Garden Maintenance
    Complete Garden Maintenance Services- Full Garden Support Our Complete Garden Maintenance Service takes all of the work out of gardening while leaving you all of the fun.  We will do all the major maintenance your garden needs annually March to December!  We consider this Full Garden Support as it is very comprehensive and complete garden maintenance for all seasons. Keystone Continue Reading...
  • Garden Maintenance as needed
    Garden Maintenance as Needed Sometimes we need a little help here and there when our projects are actually bigger than we expected. Whether it’s cleaning up for the season, weeding, water, pruning or lawn maintenance, pick and choose garden support services as needed and we’ll stop by to help you based on the project you define.  Keystone Gardens Garden Support is there Continue Reading...
  • Choosing a Garden Type
    Choosing a Garden Type Ask a child to draw a picture of a garden and they will draw flowers.  Ask a Landscape Designer to draw a garden and they will need more information. The difference is the Landscaper is more knowledgeable about the art form and the nuances of gardening styles. Choosing a garden type can be daunting and that Continue Reading...
  • Holiday Lights and Decorations
    Holiday Lights and Decorations Did you know that over 36,000 people end up in the emergency room annually while trying to decorate for the holidays? Play it safe, get the professionals! Keystone Gardens offers outdoor holiday lighting and decorating. We can safely install all your favorite holiday lights and decorations while you stay safely inside sipping cocoa. Our landscaping elves Continue Reading...